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Phil Rich specializes in wildlife management and has a high level of experience and knowledge. Phil is capable of dealing with any wildlife problem that you may have.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide modern and traditional methods to enable us to offer control solutions to any wildlife pest problem. whether it be private or commercial, garden or large estate we can provide a service that will meet you needs.


Phils Pest Control wildlife team have spent many years controlling a wide variety of wildlife species such as foxes, deer, rabbits and grey squirrels. We are able to offer a wide range of damage limitation solutions, whatever your problem.

Wildlife is only classed as a pest because of what it is doing or where it is, not because of what it is. In most cases deterrence or exclusion may offer the best solution. however we choose to approach the problem Phils Pest control team will always use the most appropriate, effective and humane method of control.

Our team works to strict company guidelines and adhere to all current legislation.



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