Pest control services in Fleet

If you are looking for a discreet and reliable pest removal service in Fleet and surrounding areas, look no further than Phil's Pest Control.

We offer services at reasonable prices. From wasps to eliminating rodent infestations. we are able to do it all.

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Wasps and wasp nest removal

Most people are frightened by wasps as they can give a nasty sting. Some people can be extremely allergic to the venom in the sting and this can have serious consequences for them.

At Phils Pest Control we can offer solutions to the problems of wasps from supplying traps to catch them or if you have a nest we can take care of that for you. We are able to offer solutions for domestic or commercial properties. If you are arranging an outdoor event during the summer our company can supply traps.












Control of rodent infestations

Rats and mice are a serious problem as they can transmit a number of serious diseases, and as well as the diseases they can cause a lot of damage to your property. It is best to call in the professionals as soon as possible as rats and mice can breed at an alarming rate.

At Phils Pest Control our technicians can advise and treat the rodent infestation quickly and safely whether they are in your home, shop, factory, restaurant or farm.











Spiders install fear in a lot of people, but in England we are lucky not to have some of the poisonous spiders as in other countries. The spider that  has made the news a lot is the False Widow (pictured left) which does have a nasty bite which feels much like a bee sting.

At Phils Pest Control our technicians are experts in eradicating spiders from your home or company premises. Phil has even dealt with infestations of false widows on planes.


Protection from moles

Moles can do considerable damage to lawns, golf courses, gardens and sports grounds with their constant burrowing. Moles are able to dig tunnels at up to 4 metres an hour, which means in just one day they can cause immense damage.

Mole hills not only look unsightly but can expose stones and debris that can damage machinery. Their tunnelling can also damage the roots of plants.

At Phils Pest Control we use traditional and modern methods of dealing with moles, on domestic or commercial premises from a garden lawn to a golf course.

Ant infestation eradication

Ants can be an annoying pests around or in the home or commercial premises. Also some people can have an allergic reaction to their bite.

There are many different species of ant within England and each species requires different forms of treatment. Here at Phils Pest Control our specialists will determine the species of ant that is causing the problem and the best way to treat the infestation.



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